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Weekly poop scooping!
Save 10% if you schedule weekly poop scooping if you use our dog walking or sitting services.

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Current pet sitting clients who refer new clients that sign up for weekly yard scooping service, will get $20 credit on their next pet care service. The new yard scooping client will need to let us know who referred them to Best of Buddies Pet Care.

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Donna CT Pet Sitter
Bonded and Insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.
Pet First Aid Certified recieved through both the American Red Cross and the Pet Health Acadamy
Therapy Dog Handler Certification received through Therapy Dogs, Inc.
Dog Listener Communication Certification
Pet Food Nutrition Specialist Certification through DNM University
Twelve years of experience, references, and reliability.


My name is Donna and I have been an animal lover all of my life. Since my childhood, I have had many different kinds of pets, from dogs and cats, to bunnies, gerbils, guinea pigs, hampsters, geckos and fish. My favorite thing about animals is the unconditional love that they provide to their human companions, and it is this love that drives my passion for professional pet care.

About 17 years ago, I was introduced to animal rescue. Rescuing dog and cats from neglect and abandonment has been both rewarding and humbling. I have learned from the many different experiences that fostering dogs and cats brings. I also became involved in fundraising for rescue, as well as coordinating home visit inspections and adoption events.

After working with dogs for so long, I was inspired to become certified as a Therapy Dog Handler with Therapy Dogs Inc, where my passion for helping animals extended to help people as well. In addition to a certified Therapy Dog Handler, I am also certified in Pet First Aid with the American Red Cross.

A negative experience of leaving my dog, Buster, while I was on vacation led me to my career as a pet sitter. I realized that other people felt as anxious about leaving their pet as I did. I wanted to give pet owners the peace of mind of knowing their pets were happy and well cared for.

The pets in my care are treated as if they are my own and I am happy to shower them with love and attention. It is my aim to provide reliable pet sitting and dog walking services. I am proud to offer a service that gives pet families the comfort of knowing their pets are safe and comfortable in their home environment, with their normal routines and own cozy beds. I look forward to meeting you and your pets, and being BEST OF BUDDIES with them!

CT Pet Sitter Buddies

dog on beach chunky cat relaxing pet ducks eating small dog with harness dog with baseball in mouth lounging cat bird with red dot on head cute small dog with fluffy ears bunny and cat best friends cat relaxing on play mat cat playing with toy tan dog posing gray cat with twisted head cat laying upside down dog best buddies fish in tank dog laying on floor guinea pig eating cat napping on lap cat relaxing on cat bed dog smiling orange cat goofy dog playing outside rabbit outdoors

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Frequently Asked Questions

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      > Pet Waste Management Services

Q What is the rate for Initial Cleans and One Time Cleans?

A Every yard is different and it is difficult to quote exactly what the cost of the initial cleaning will be until we see the yard. You will receive a price ESTIMATE based on the information you provide us on your request form, which is subject to change once we arrive and complete the cleaning.

Q Do we work through the winter?

A Dogs keep doing their business all winter long. So, we scoop year round to keep up with helping create a healthier environment for your family and pet.

Q Do you scoop on the holidays?

A We do not provide poop scooping services on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. If your pick up day falls on one of these days, we will skip service that week and pick up the following week. There will still be a charge for the skipped week, because there will be twice as much to clean when we return.

Q What different types of Dog Waste Management services do you offer?

A We offer: One Time Clean, Weekly Cleaning, Every Other Week Cleaning, Seasonal Cleaning and Bucket service.

Q What is Bucket service for dog waste & cat litter?

A We provide the bucket. You fill it and leave the bucket. Place the bucket at your curb side on your designated day. We dispose of the dog waste or cat litter.

Q What happens if there is a problem accessing your yard?

A If Best of Buddies Poop Patrol cannot access the area that needs cleaning due to locked/blocked/frozen gates or dogs in the yard; the scoop will be skipped and charges will still apply.

Q Should I unlock my gate?

A Yes.

Q Do you require contracts?

A We do not require contracts and there is no minimum service period. We request 3 days before the sceduled date to cancel services. Please note that if you decide to resume poop scooping services after 2+ weeks without a clean up, you will be charged the initial cleaning fee again before resuming weekly scooping services.

Q Is there an extra charge for the first scooping service?

A Yes, there is a first time clean-up fee if there has been more than one week of accumulation in your yard on our first visit.

Q What if I have a Landscaper for my yard?

A Best of Buddies Pet Patrol services yards at least once a week, throughout various weather conditions, where landscapers typically do not. Sometimes landscapers are likely to come every other week, depending on the weather. We want to do our best to fully clean up your yard, but sometimes the existing conditions just make that impossible. When the landscapers do cut the grass, it may reveal hidden dog poop that we couldn’t find. We suggest you keep your landscapers on a consistent schedule to leave your yard in the best possible shape.

Q Do you scoop in all types of weather?

A Best of Buddies Poop Patrol typically works rain or shine. We cannot work through severe thunderstorms, high winds, extreme high or low temperatures, flooding or an accumulation of snow. In these cases, we will either try our best to reschedule your service for another day in the week or continue the following week on your designated service day. You will receive an email or text to notify you if we need to skip a service visit.

Q Is dog waste a fertilizer?

A No. Leaving dog waste on the ground or concentrating it in one specific area of the yard can seriously harm soil quality and also present a number of potential human health hazards to families and their pets.

Q Can I request a specific day or time for my service?

A Service days are determined by the town that you live in.

Q Can my dog(s) be outside while your servicing my yard?

A We prefer dogs remain inside during the yard scooping service. This will help ensure everyone’s safety and not risk dogs escaping outside the gate as well.

Q Do I need to be home for the scooping service?

A No. However, for the very first service we would like to meet with you and your dogs so that we can get acquainted, and discuss your yard and the service needs. Please note after the initial service visit, if you are not going to be home it is important to provide us with gate access. If we arrive for our scheduled service and cannot access the yard, you will still be charged for the service.

      > Vacation Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Services

Q How do I arrange for pet sitting or dog walking services?

A You can either fill in the application in the Contact Us section of this site, or send an e-mail to I will arrange to meet you and your pets for a visit to exchange information and schedule for service. This will give an opportunity to discuss details about specific requirements needed for your pet. A pet sitting contract will be signed at this meeting and payment received.

Q What should I expect when I return home?

A Best of Buddies pet care will provide a detailed journal report of the visits for your pets.

Q What does Best of Buddies do during emergencies during a pet sitting visit?

A Best of Buddies Pet Care will obtain Emergency Contact information during the set up visit. All customers will be immediately contacted directly of any problems/emergencies that arise during any of the pet sitting visits. Best of Buddies Pet Care is NOT responsible for any medical costs, but will provide transportation to/from the veterinary hospital for their pet during an emergency.

Q Do you have a referral program?

A Yes. Our best customers come from satisfied clients referring friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. Please have the new client tell us who referred them to us. You will receive $10 credit towards your next Best of Buddies Pet Care service!